Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Available

You may want us to work with a single individual within your company, this is considered executive coaching. Executive coaching is designed to transform managers into leaders. There are times in the life of an employee when he or she needs to grow beyond their current leadership abilities. They have the title of leadership but their lack of self-knowledge, confidence or let’s face it, their bloated ego can get in the way of them doing an outstanding job. This is not what you wanted when you promoted them. You were not wrong, they need some help to step up to the plate. We can help.

The BizRichment™ Leadership & Development Training Program is unique in that we work with the individual on individual issues while maintaining the focus of the companies directive and mission. The executive is understanding that their are issues, and they are willing to look deep within to take corrective action. This is called being coachable.

We begin by meeting with the company human relations department to ascertain the vision and viewpoint of the company for the need of the individual. In other words, what is wrong with the situation in the eyes of the business. We ask what is right, what is working, and if the executive had a breakthrough to produce results what would those results be?

During our time with the executive we will ascertain if the issue is a thinking problem, emotional issue, home life balance, core value issue, or something completely unknown to all involved. This is our expertise, we help our clients understand what the heart of the issue is and within a few short weeks a resolution can be ascertained. The remainder of the time with the coach is to keep them accountable and responsible for producing the results desired by both the company and the executive.

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